How to Create the Best Playlist for Your Productivity

When you spend most of your day on the monitor, music becomes essential. It helps us stay focused and productive. But do all songs affect us that much? Or are there ideal tracks for specific tasks? Music helps to survive the working day.

We turn to our favorite songs in difficult times, when we feel depressed and need something to lift our spirits. Or when we are happy and want this state to last longer. Choosing the right playlist is essential for your entertainment and productivity. Here is how you can come up with the best.

For Simple Tasks, Choose Music You’ve Already Heard

Scientists havemusic playlist shown that a person’s ability to perceive images, letters, and numbers is enhanced if classical or rock is playing in the background, compared to if there were no music. Another study found similar results: workers on a conveyor line felt happier, more efficient, and made fewer mistakes when listening to music.

Your productivity increases when listening to music if the task is perceived as simple or monotonous (for example, if you need to answer incoming emails). So when it comes to tasks that are of the same type or boring, listen to something, and you will finish them faster.

When Studying, Listen to Songs Without Lyrics

For more thoughtful, intellectually demanding work, classical and instrumental music is more suitable: it has a stronger effect on mental abilities than songs with lyrics.

If the task turned out to be especially difficult, the best solution is to exclude all external stimuli (including music). Even subtle music in the background can lead to decreased attention. The brain spends more resources, simultaneously processing both the task and the music, – the performance drops.

Favorite Compositions – During Your Favorite Work

All the magiclistening to music of music comes out when you are well versed in what you are doing. According to the results of a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it was proved that surgeons worked more accurately when their favorite music was played in the background.

But you don’t have to be a medical professional to experience the benefits of good compositions. For example, writer Stephen King prefers listening to Metallica and Anthrax while creating his works.

Look for Your Comfort Zone for Creative Work

When you need to focus, scientists advise giving preference to songs with a frequency of 50-80 beats per minute. Take your time to come up with the perfect playlist that will boost your productivity as you engage in different activities.…

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