Reasons to Go on Recreation During the Pandemic

Are you bored out of your mind during the pandemic? If you are, well, don’t worry. You’re not alone! Many people have found kayaking and paddleboarding to be the perfect safe outdoor activities during the COVID-19 pandemic to relieve some stress and free themselves from the perpetual boredom of quarantine with their friends and families. 

Both activities are great fun and are splendid recreational activities to enjoy the great outdoors and get fresh air. If you want to join in the fun, you can schedule your trip with Edmonton paddleboard rentals! Here are several reasons why people enjoy outdoor recreational activities during the pandemic:

Good Workout

Workout Kayaking

Both kayaking and paddleboarding are great workouts. Unfortunately, there are not enough outdoor recreational activities to challenge a person with conditioning and endurance exercises like these two. Research has suggested that one hour of kayaking or paddleboarding can burn around 400 up to 800 calories; depending on where you went for the sport and how many hours you put into it can tone your muscles like a well-made Greek sculpture! There are not many outdoor activities that can provide good workouts and such fun as these two activities!

Rest and Relaxation

What’s the point of going on recreation if you can’t enjoy yourself and relax? R and R are always the priority when it comes to vacation. Even though outdoor recreational activities are such fun, some may prefer to leisure about and doze off as a way to relax their bodies and minds, like snoozing off on a lazy river, tanning on a beach, or exploring a secluded island. Many have found kayaking and paddleboarding to be a relaxing activity to calm their minds during the pandemic, and you should try them out to see what they mean!

Be One with Nature


To be one with nature doesn’t essentially mean that you have to be a tree. It means that you embrace mother nature and all her beauty. Going on outdoor trips can help us learn to appreciate and respect the great outdoors, and both kayaking and paddleboarding can offer us the experience to interact with mother nature on a much closer basis than other activities. 

Many people have stated their joy during the recreational activities because of how they enjoyed the view, befriend some wild animals, take memorable family pictures, and create everlasting memories with their loved ones. 

The Takeaway

Being with nature is a good aspect that we can appreciate them better, so we don’t take them for granted. And what better way than to organize a recreational activity that lets us be one with mother nature? So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the recreation train and travel to the great outdoors!

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