Tips to Choose the best Inflatable Rentals

Inflatable rentals are one of the reliable modes of advertising. Their uncommon balloon shapes perform a pleasant job of attracting local, unreached buyers. Inflatable rentals are an exceptional choice for seasonal trades or short-term advertisements as they give a large canvas with which to hang a banner or sign.

People are used to viewing signs and flat billboards hanging on storefronts, but a large acknowledged sign hanging from a large, movable rental that can be set up so near to the road is an unusual and eye-catching way of passing a message. A giant inflatable quickly spreads the word in your firm about your business’ expertise in a visual way.

One of the reasons that inflatable structures are popular at large gatherings is because the materials are so flexible. Business people should invest in durable structures like Edmonton inflatable rentals. An inflated bounce house could be designed to look like anything from a simple box to the surface of an alien planet. The construction of the playsets also means that children and adults can have fun without worrying about damaging the unit. The following are a number of choices available for anyone who is exploring inflatable rentals.

Bounce Houses

A bounce house is an enclosed area that has a soft inflated floor that allows anyone inside to jump around the space. If more than one person is jumping, then the actions of others could actually make it possible to jump higher than normal. A bounce house is very safe and is very easy to set up for an event. This is a good choice for small children and teenagers. These inflatable rentals are commonly available and come in a variety of designs that are colorful and exciting to look at Most houses require very little supervision because the people playing inside are contained with nets or inflated walls.

Slides And Combination Sets

A combination play set is a good choice for events that are going to be attended by small children and some older individuals or teenagers. These types of inflatable rentals often have a bounce house that is attached to a large slide or ramp. It is possible to play on the bouncer or to climb up to the top and slide down the ramp. Many of these units also have an optional attachment so that water can be run down the slid. This combination of a bouncer and a slide allows children to play in a number of different ways. This will help to keep everyone happy for the entire length of the event.

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are large inflatable rentals that contain a variety of features such as slides, tunnels and climbable walls. This type of play set is a good choice for events that will contain mostly teenagers and adults although some sets are designed specifically for younger children. Obstacle courses provide an environment that everyone will be able to enjoy. Informal competitions will help to add some structure to the entertainment as people race to get the best time while overcoming each obstacle.


Some inflatable rentals are similar to interactive games. These include obstacle courses that have moving parts or long bungee runs. Inflatable sets that include some type of interactive elements are a good choice for events that are attended primarily by adults. The games will provide a large amount of entertainment for the people who take on the challenges and for the spectators who are watching.